Makani Shows Energy Kite’s First Offshore Flight (Video)

Makani has shared a video showing its airborne wind power system completing its first flight offshore in Norway.

The kite completed two flights at the Metcentre from a floating platform, with the first being a quick one and the second being a longer-duration test following commands from the flight controller.

The process was executed by transporting the airframe on a flatbed trailer, using a mobile boom crane to lift the kite onto its perch, and installing the kite and spar offshore at a water depth of 220m using two coastal tug boats.

Makani said the next steps include additional offshore flights in Norway and onshore in Hawaii, with a focus on flying in a range of environmental conditions, perfecting the landings at sea, and refining the remote operations.

The company will work with Shell to optimize the floating platform and mooring system, minimize the need for personnel to access the kite at sea before or after flight, and connect to the grid.

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