Spanish Floater Spins Into Life

Spain’s first floating offshore wind platform, the W2Power, has started generating first kilowatts of electricity at the Astican Shipyard in Gran Canaria.

Source: Ghenova

The 1:6 scale multi-turbine platform will soon be transported to its final destination at PLOCAN’s test site off the Gran Canaria, project partner Ingeteam said.

W2Power is a joint project of EnerOcean, Ghenova, Ingeteam, and Tension Technology International. EnerOcean is coordinating the full project, with support by Ghenova for naval engineering works and for the coordination of the sea testing, Ingeteam for electrical engineering, and TensionTech for mooring solutions and other key engineering.

The full-scale multi-turbine platform can feature two turbines with a capacity of 6MW each which can offer greater power generation without increasing the use of steel in construction, thus allowing cost reductions, the developers said.

This project has received funding from the Era-Net DEMOWIND with co-funding from CDTI (Spain), Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (UK,) and European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

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