EDS HV Wraps Up Greater Gabbard Outage Work

EDS HV Group has completed the connection and testing during a planned outage at the Greater Gabbard offshore wind farm in the UK.


EDS was in charge of re-connecting and testing the inter-array cable on the IG substation during the planned outage.

The company said it worked with four contractors, who completed planned works at the same time, to ensure a safe solution and minimal downtime.

“This is a huge success for the site and my sincere thanks to all involved to ensure the safe completion of the works,” said Kenny Beardsell, Site Manager for Greater Gabbard.

“The collaboration and team efforts that went into this project and the restoration of as many turbines as possible has been fantastic. We truly can achieve a great deal when the team works together.”

The Greater Gabbard wind farm comprises 140 Siemens 3.6MW wind turbines located 23km off the coast of Suffolk. It was fully commissioned in September 2012.