Hai Long All Set for PPA

The 300MW Hai Long offshore wind farm has secured all approvals and permits and the next step will be executing the power purchase agreement with Taipower, Mike Crawley, President and Chief Executive Officer of Northland Power, said.

The wind farm is one of three Hai Long projects with a combined capacity of 1,044MW that Northland Power and Yushan Energy are jointly developing in Taiwan.

The Bureau of Energy of Taiwan has allocated 300MW, 180MW net to Northland, to the Hai Long offshore wind project under Taiwan’s Feed-in-Tariff program.

The project, located approximately 50km off the coast of Taiwan, is scheduled to connect to Taiwan’s grid in 2024 to execute a 20-year power contract under the FiT program. Northland and Yushan Energy have economic interests of 60% and 40% in the project, respectively.

The wind farm will feature MHI Vestas wind turbines. Under the agreement, MHI Vestas also holds a right of first refusal for the procurement of 744MW of offshore wind turbines for the remaining two Hai Long projects.

Photo: MHI Vestas/Illustration