Wind Energy Safety Training Numbers Rise

An estimated 5-10% of the global workforce in wind energy is trained to GWO standards, according to the Global Wind Organisation (GWO).

At the end of 2018, 74,432 persons, which represents a 65% increase, held a valid certificate for the training, the non-profit reported.

In addition, 68 new GWO certified training sites were added last year, a 31% increase on 2017, making a total of 288.

“Having 5-10% of the workforce trained to GWO standard is an achievement. But our challenge is just beginning,” said Eloy Jauregui, Director of Safety at Acciona Energia and Chairman of GWO.

“People working on wind turbines around the world are generally not trained to GWO standards and we believe that wherever possible, they should be.”

According to Jauregui, GWO will engage more to promote the adoption of safety standards and control the enabling governance around them so that an injury-free working environment in wind energy can be achieved.

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