TenneT Seeks Rescue and Guard Vessels

TenneT Offshore has issued a tender looking for providers of emergency response and rescue vessels (ERRVs) and guard vessels with the associated crews.

TenneT/ For illustrative purposes only.

The tender is separated into two lots, with Lot 1 covering the provision of ERRVs and respective crews to support platform operations and ensure personnel safety offshore over the side or underneath the platforms.

ERRVs will be used during scheduled maintenance campaigns and short-term troubleshooting and construction campaigns. The main duties are to cover overboard works and rescue persons from the water and provide them with first aid, TenneT said.

Lot 2 includes the provision of guard vessels and crews, with the responsibility to guard certain nearshore or offshore areas and maintain position between the target location and area with the most dense and dangerous traffic routes.

According to TenneT, the main activities of the guard vessels are permanent observation of surrounding vessel traffic and informing all vessels in the vicinity about the present activities via public broadcasts or by non-visual obstructions within their guarding area.

Contracts will commence on 1 August this year, with the work expected to take place until 31 July 2022. The three-year contracts have the possibility to be extended twice, each time by one year.

The deadline for submitting applications is 12 March at 12:00 local time.