GE Haliade-X 12MW Prototype Finds Home in Rotterdam

GE Haliade-X 12MW Prototype Finds Home in Rotterdam

GE Renewable Energy and Future Wind, a joint venture of Pondera Development and Sif, have signed an agreement to install the first Haliade-X 12MW wind turbine prototype in the Port of Rotterdam this summer.

GE Renewable Energy

The agreement, which will see the Haliade-X 12MW prototype installed onshore to facilitate access for testing, includes five years of testing and a 15-year full-service operation and maintenance agreement.

GE said that the initial period of operations will allow it to collect data needed to obtain a Type Certificate, a key step in commercializing the turbine in 2021.

“As we rapidly progress on assembling the Haliade-X prototype, this announcement is a critical step forward for GE and our customers. The port of Rotterdam has been a real partner and provides all the necessary conditions to test the Haliade-X in the most drastic weather conditions,” said John Lavelle, VP & CEO of Offshore Wind at GE Renewable Energy.

According to GE, preparations have just begun in Rotterdam, where all components will be shipped for pre-assembly and installation. The turbine’s nacelle will be assembled in Saint-Nazaire, France, and the 107m long LM Wind Power blades will be manufactured in Cherbourg. GRI Renewable Industries recently started manufacturing a tower for the prototype in Sevilla, Spain.

“We are very pleased to install the Haliade-X 12 MW on the Sif site in Rotterdam, supporting Sif’s ambition to remain at the forefront of developments in the offshore wind industry. The project also fits Sif’s ambition to become entirely CO2 neutral as the Haliade-X 12 MW will supply carbon-free energy to the electricity grid,” said Fred van Beers, CEO of Sif Holding Netherlands.

GE announced in March 2018 that it will invest more than USD 400 million to develop and deploy the Haliade-X 12MW turbine.

Due to a 12MW direct drive generator and a capacity factor of 63%, the Haliade-X will produce 45% more energy than any other offshore turbine available today, the company said.

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