MHI Vestas Carries Out Sales Exec Changes

MHI Vestas has promoted its current Vice President of Europe Sales Hans Henrik Jensen as Chief Sales Officer.

The appointment is effective immediately and will see Jensen succeed Thomas Karts, who left the company in November.

Jensen has been with MHI Vestas since the formation of the joint venture in April 2014, after spending seven years with Vestas Wind Systems.

“It’s an exceptionally exciting time to be in offshore wind and I’m honoured to represent MHI Vestas in this capacity,” said Jensen“Our commercial activity has intensified considerably the past few years and it looks to only increase in the future as we secure our position in core markets and plant our flag in new ones.”

According to the company, the appointment comes amid rising sales activities around the globe.

“Henrik understands our collaborative approach with customers as well as anyone, and has been central to our commercial success thus far. He will provide great continuity for our global sales efforts moving forward,” said MHI Vestas Co-CEO, Lars Bondo Krogsgaard.