Asia to Take Europe’s Offshore Wind Top Spot in Next Ten Years

Asia is going to surpass Europe in offshore wind capacity in the next ten years, Edgare Kerkwijk, Board member at Asia Wind Energy Association, said at the Offshore WIND Conference in Amsterdam.

Kerwijk cited a current research done by MAKE Consulting which stated that the offshore wind capacity in Asia could reach 43GW by 2027, with China adding up to 4GW per annum in the following years.

China is currently the third largest offshore wind market in the world, but that is soon about to change, according to Kerwijk.

”Give it two-three years, and China will be the largest market in the world,’Kerwijk said. Countries like Taiwan, Korea, and Japan are also moving quite quickly, Kerwijk added.

One of the key drivers behind the expansion of renewables in Asia is a tendency to develop large-scale projects, Kerwijk said.

Kerwijk was one of the panelists in the session titled New Markets for Offshore Wind. Other panelists included Liz Burdock, President and CEO of the Business Network for Offshore Wind USA, and Stefan Lettink, Director Wind at Royal IHC.

Reporting: Nadja Skopljak; Editing: Adnan Durakovic/Adrijana Buljan

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