Aeolus Completes Sea Trials, Set for Norther OWF Works

Photo courtesy of Van Oord.

Van Oord’s installation vessel Aeolus has wrapped up sea trials off the North Holland coast, marking the completion of the modification campaign that commenced in 2017. Now, the vessel is ready to start working on the Norther offshore wind farm. 

The most crucial part of the modification, the new crane with a lifting capacity of 1,600 tonnes, makes the Aeolus capable of installing larger and heavier foundations and wind turbines, and establishes it as one of the biggest heavy-lift installation vessels in its class.

Following the upgrade, the vessel’s deadweight tonnage increased and the number of accommodations expanded to 99. Aeolus has also been widened, given a reinforced deck, larger spudcans and a helideck.

Van Oord and Damen signed a vessel modification contract for Aeolus in March 2017, after Van Oord decided for an upgrade to ensure that the vessel remains competitive in a rapidly changing market.

At the Belgian Norther offshore wind farm, Van Oord and DEME Group’s subsidiary Tideway already commenced works in May, when they started putting the scour protection in place. Foundation installation is scheduled to start this month, with the foundations to be transported from Vlissingen and installed on the site by Aeolus.

Van Oord, hired as the Balance of Plant contractor for the Norther project, is in charge of the engineering, procurement, supply and installation of 44 wind turbine foundations, the Offshore High Voltage Station (OHVS), inter-array and export cables, as well as the installation of the turbines.

Offshore WIND Staff

Photo: Photo courtesy of Van Oord.