Holland Shipyards Delivers Aeolus Accommodation Block

Holland Shipyards delivered an accommodation block for Van Oord’s Aeolus in February, along with a Helicopter Operation Reception Room Facility (HeliLounge). 

Image source: Holland Shipyards

The accommodation block comprises several cabins, corridors and a technical space. The HeliLounge features a module with a waiting room and instruction room for outbound passengers.

According to the announcement of the contract between Damen and Van Oord from March 2017, the upgraded vessel should be operational soon.

The vessel has been fitted with a 1,600t Huisman crane on 28 February, replacing the old 900t one to enable handling bigger offshore wind turbines.

The upgrade also involves the new accommodation unit providing room for an extra 25 persons, a strengthened main deck raised some 1m above the existing main deck, and sponsons placed for most of the length of each side of the vessel, adding an extra 3m to the breadth of the main deck.