Photo of the Day: Borkum Riffgrund II, Horns Rev 3 Towers at Port of Esbjerg

Image: Port of Esbjerg

The Port of Esbjerg posted a photo on its social media pages on 2 July, showing 20 wind turbine towers for Borkum Riffgrund II and 14 towers for Horns Rev 3 waiting at the port to be loaded onto vessels and then installed at their respective sites in Germany and Denmark.

Half of the total of 56 MHI Vestas 8MW wind turbines has now been installed at Borkum Riffgrund II in Germany, while the first MHI Vestas 8.3MW turbines at the Danish Horns Rev 3 offshore wind farm are anticipated to be in place by the end of July.

At the German offshore wind farm, Fred. Olsen Windcarrier’s Bold Tern is handling the wind turbine installation, and Horns Rev 3 will see A2SEA’s (now GeoSea’s) vessel Sea Installer setting up a total of 49 turbines.

Borkum Riffgrund II is scheduled to become fully operational in 2019, while Horns Rev 3 will be commissioned the following year.

Offshore WIND Staff

Photo: Image: Port of Esbjerg