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Global business means global coverage 24/7 and, over the last eight years, has been working on positioning itself as the number one information source for everyone active in or connected to the offshore wind industry.

As the industry is continually working on innovation, connectivity and further digitisation, we see a bright future for the offshore wind sector and, consequently, for online news coverage of all of the developments within it. is seen as a respected and trustworthy portal that covers the latest news and provides video, animation and in-depth articles, and that’s something we are proud of.

Another thing we are proud of is the number of visitors and newsletter subscribers connected to the platform. Monthly, no less than 230,000 unique visitors find their way to our platform and consume the latest scoops. Each month our newsletter is opened and read around 192,000 times.

The industry is happy to make use of this targeted audience and international exposure. Over the years, our sales team has helped many clients from the industry, from multinationals to SMEs, with setting up and running fruitful online campaigns through multiple content solutions offered for this purpose, such as banners, our Advertorial section, Industry Contribution, etc.

If you think your company could use some additional exposure for a new product or service, let us know. The entire Offshore WIND team is ready to help you.

Now back to business, back to the offshore wind news.

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