US O&M Firm Launches Offshore Wind Foray

Florida-based Aeolus Energy Group (AEG) has committed to constructing a fleet of offshore wind farm vessels and port facilities as part of its expansion into the US offshore wind market.

Image source: Aeolus Energy Group

AEG plans to build jack-up vessels for 10MW and 12MW turbines, cable installation vessels for both medium and high-voltage cables, service operations vessels for the accommodation of sea workers, as well as a fleet of crew transfer assets, comprising both vessels and helicopters.

Besides the construction of the vessels, the company said it intends to build port facilities in Massachusetts and Maryland.

According to AEG, the works are expected to create over 4,000 jobs in the coming years.

“The untapped potential of offshore wind energy in US coastal waters is well documented. The initial projects are well into their development – what is lacking is a US construction fleet, trained American workers, and port facilities to do the work. That is what we intend to create,” said Elia Golfin, CEO of AEG.

US East Coast states have shown interest in offshore wind with recently committing to developing 8GW of offshore wind capacity by 2030.

New Jersey aims at 3.5GW, followed by New York’s 2.4GW commitment. Massachusetts aims at adding 1.6GW, while Maryland committed to two projects with a combined capacity of some 368MW and Connecticut pushed the overall target over the 8GW mark with its recent Request for Proposals (RfP).