Offshore Wind Foundations Specialist Plants US Roots

Image source: EEW SPC

Bay State Wind, the US-based 50-50 partnership between Ørsted and Eversource developing an offshore wind project in Massachusetts, has entered into an agreement with the steel pipe manufacturing specialist EEW to open and staff a Massachusetts facility to manufacture offshore wind turbine foundations.

“The U.S. market, with Massachusetts and the Northeast at the forefront, has long been ripe for robust development of offshore wind energy,” said Christoph Schorge, Managing Partner of EEW Group. “We regard these first steps as a starting point of a long-term and sustainable approach in the U.S. offshore wind industry and we are proud to enter the market with such a knowledgeable partner as Bay State Wind.”

Ørsted identified EEW for Bay State Wind early in the development of the project.

“Being able to bring the world’s preeminent steel manufacturer in the offshore energy sector along with Gulf Island Fabrication, a premier U.S. fabrication company, to work on the Bay State Wind project is a tremendous honor,” said Thomas Brostrøm, President of Ørsted North America. “In addition to an unmatched record of safety, EEW has been a longtime partner of Ørsted’s which will make for seamless project management and a strong, trusting working relationship.”

Bay State Wind, EEW team up with Gulf Island Fabrication

Bay State Wind and EEW will collaborate with Gulf Island Fabrication to deploy new and specialised steel manufacturing capabilities that are not currently utilised in the US, EEW said.

EEW and Gulf Island Fabrication recently visited Massachusetts to view potential site locations to build its US hub. The new facility, manufacturing and load-out will generate approximately 500 annual construction jobs with up to 1,200 additional annual indirect jobs in the local community. Types of direct jobs include welders, blaster painters, steel fabricators and other associated trades.

The two companies will specifically work on the production of monopile foundations and transition pieces, including secondary steel components, painting, and pre-fabricated components for offshore wind turbine foundations.

EEW will manufacture the large steel pipes and primary pieces of the project, while Gulf Island will outfit the secondary materials of the project and execute the painting scope. At every possible opportunity, the companies will contract with local Massachusetts suppliers and manufacturers to source and develop capabilities for several major components, including boat landings, ladders and internal platforms for the construction of the foundations.

“As we look to the future for the U.S. energy sector, offshore wind will undoubtedly be a prominent source of energy for many Americans,” said Kirk Meche, President and CEO of Gulf Island Fabrication. “We are thrilled to be partnering with two industry-leading companies in their respective fields on the first commercial-scale offshore wind farm in the country.”

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