Bladt Loads Out Final Walney Extension Transition Pieces

Bladt Industries carried out the final load-out of Walney 4 transition pieces in Aalborg, Denmark, on 31 July.

These were the last out of 87 transition pieces built for DONG Energy’s Walney Extension offshore wind farm project consisting of 40 8MW MHI Vestas wind turbines at Walney 3 and 47 7MW Siemens wind turbines at Walney 4.

Offshore Structures Britain (OSB), a joint venture between EEW SPC and Bladt Industries, completed the delivery of the 40 transition pieces for Walney 3 in May.

Van Oord was contracted to transport and install the 87 foundations at the site.

In October 2016, Van Oord appointed SAL Heavy Lift for the transportation of 87 monopiles, built by EEW SPC, from Rostock, 47 transition pieces from Aalborg, and 40 transition pieces from Teesside, to Belfast in Northern Ireland.

Schmidbauer is in charge of unloading, storing and transporting the transition pieces and monopiles at the feeder harbor in Belfast.

The 659MW Walney Extension is situated 19km off the British coast in the Irish Sea, adjacent to the operational 367.2MW Walney offshore wind farm.

The wind farm is expected to be generating electricity by 2019, when it will replace the 630MW London Array as the world’s largest offshore wind farm.

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