One Missing After 19 Workers Jump Off Binhai North H2 Offshore Substation on Fire

One person is missing as 19 people jumped off of the Binhai North Phase 2 wind farm’s offshore substation into the sea after a fire broke out on 14 July. 

According to a statement issued by Huadian Heavy Industry, the company in charge of construction of the project, a lightning during a thuderstorm caused a deflagration of the 35kV cable and, since the staff’s efforts to put out the fire on the offshore substation were unsuccessful, the personnel decided to evacuate by jumping off of the substation into the water. Search and rescue of the staff was carried out immediately.

The national media reports from 16 July state that 18 workers were rescued with one still missing, while the fire on the substation had been contained.

The reasons of the cable deflagration are under investigation.

The Binhai North Phase 2 is being developed by the State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC). The wind farm comprises 100 4MW wind turbines and a 400MW substation, installed some 22 kilometres off the coast.

Offshore WIND Staff