Atlantic Canada Forms United Clean Energy Front

Canada’s Atlantic Premiers have established the Atlantic Clean Energy Partnership to support the development of renewable and non-emitting energy sources and enhance Atlantic Canada’s capacity to generate and export clean energy.

The focus of the new partnership will be on identifying potential enhancements to electricity generation and transmission infrastructure, the promotion of energy efficiency, as well as the demonstration, deployment, adoption, and export of clean energy technologies.

The partnership is expected to contribute to a more integrated and diverse energy distribution system that will support technological innovation, security and reliability of energy supply, and cost effectiveness.

Building on ongoing collaboration among the region’s Energy Ministers, the Atlantic Clean Energy Partnership will see provinces working together, and with the Government of Canada, to identify opportunities to improve and strengthen the region’s energy sector while meeting provinces’ objectives under the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change.

Premiers directed their Energy Ministers, working in collaboration with the region’s energy partners, to develop an action plan for the partnership by summer 2017

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