Offshore Wind Expert Support Team Helping Scottish Businesses Tap Into GBP 60bn Market

Scottish Enterprise (SE), Highlands & Island Enterprise (HIE) and BVG Associates (BVGA) are continuing their collaboration within the Offshore Wind Expert Support framework, and are launching a new phase of this programme designed to support Scottish companies in making the most of renewable energy opportunities, valued at GBP 60 billion.

Source: DONG Energy

The Offshore Wind Expert Support framework was developed by SE and HIE to help Scottish businesses succeed in the offshore wind sector. It offers targeted support to enable Scottish based companies to understand their potential role in the offshore wind sector and to identify opportunities for business growth.

Applicants will receive advice in areas such as market sizing, socio-economic modelling, business planning, market entry strategy development and technical due diligence.

With seven major projects planned for the waters around Scotland, Scottish companies are ideally placed to make the most of the local, national and international business opportunities presented by the growth of the sector, BVGA said in a statement.

“It is important to us that Scottish suppliers do not miss the chance to build-up experience, skills and capacity in the offshore wind market,” said Alan Duncan of BVGA’s Scottish office.

“Ultimately, the purpose of our work is to maximise the economic benefit of this growing sector, helping create real, lasting jobs for Scotland.”

BVGA has worked with a large number of SMEs on this framework since 2011, assessing what the companies has to offer the industry, identifying the market opportunity for them, and advise them on the best way to approach the market.

Scottish Enterprise currently has two events scheduled to launch the new phase of this programme. The first event is in Aberdeen on 25 May and the second is in Glasgow on 7 June.