EnBW Invites Tenders for Marine Warranty Surveyor

German utility EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG has issued an invitation to tender for the services of a Marine Warranty Surveyor (MWS) at the proposed 500 MW EnBW Hohe See offshore wind farm.

Image source: EnBW

EnBW Hohe See is located within the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of the North Sea, about 90 km north of Borkum Island and 95 km west of the island of Helgoland.

With regards to onshore activities, the MWS will be responsible for examining, annotating and approving all documents for loading, transportation and installation of the components of the above trades, as well as creating suitability surveys for all devices and vessels which are involved in the loading, transport and installation.

The scope of offshore activities of the MWS includes following load out, transport and installation of the foundation structures, the WTG components, OSS components, and the IAG cable.

The tender is open until 11 January 2016. The contract is scheduled to start on 01 May 2016 and end on 31 December 2019.