UK Still Strongly Supports Offshore Wind

The UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) today issued findings from the fifteenth quarterly wave of its Public Attitudes Tracking survey, which show that the majority of UK residents is still in favour of renewable energy, as it was in the previous surveys. 

Support for renewable energy has been consistently high during the tracker at around 75-80%. This pattern has continued at wave 15, at which 76% expressed support for the use of renewables. Opposition to renewables was very low at 5%, with only 1% strongly opposed, DECC’s survey reads.

The level of support for specific renewable technologies reported in wave 15 are unchanged from March 2015, when the question previously featured: biomass (65%), onshore wind (66%), offshore wind (73%), wave and tidal (73%), and solar (80%).

The fifteenth wave of data was collected between 23 September 2015 and 27 September 2015 using face-to-face in-home interviews with a representative sample of 2,121 households in the UK.

Image: flickr/Steph Gray


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