TenneT to Hold Open Day for Offshore Connections

TenneT will hold a converter station Open Day in Heede on Saturday, May 23, when three converter stations for grid connection projects DolWin1, DolWin2 and DolWin3 will be visited.

TenneT has realized a total of twelve offshore grid connection projects, six of which are already in operation, two more are expected to follow in 2015, and the other four will be completed by 2019.

By the year 2024, the company will have invested five to six billion euros in the German offshore grid. That makes TenneT one of the largest investors in the energy transition and provides a significant contribution to the energy turnaround in Germany.

But how the power actually comes ashore and where and how it is fed into the high-voltage grid? What is behind the HVDC technology and how does something like that actually look like? These questions will be answered at the Open Day, where interested citizens will have the opportunity to learn more about what lies behind a “converter platform” or a “feed-in”.

Image: TenneT