French, Indonesian Companies Sign Renewables Deal

An Indonesian state-owned company engaged in oil, gas, new and renewable energy, Pertamina, and Akuo Energy, a French independent renewable energy power producer, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the development of new and renewable energy for electricity throughout Indonesia. 

This collaboration between Pertamina and Akuo Energy aims to carry out solid partnership to do an integrated business in renewables for Wind, Solar PV and Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC).

Director of New and Renewable Energy Pertamina, Yenni Andayani, said: “Pertamina and Akuo Energy by this collaboration will fully support government of Indonesia to provide electricity based on new and renewable energy. We will scope for the identification of appropriate location in which fit with all three kind of renewable energy that being our main focus (Wind, Solar PV, OTEC).”

“As we all know, government has more interest on remote islands which is highly dependent on diesel fuel for generating electricity to fulfill energy demand on this islands. At this phase, we focus on that region,” said Mrs. Yenni.

Firstly, Pertamina and Akuo Energy will determine on which 3 prospective islands will renewable energy power plants be installed.

In 2016, the companies will build first solar PV power plants and finish development phase for first wind power plants (60 MW). Mrs. Yenni said that they expect to start building larger scale renewable energy power plants (Wind, Solar PV, OTEC) in 2018.

Image: DCNS (Akuo Energy, DCNS and Entrepose (VINCI Construction) are developing an OTEC plant project NAUTILUS in Martinique, France.)

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