Micanti Recognised by Orange Trade Mission Fund

Ten SMEs with specific international growth aspirations are to receive extra support this coming year from the Orange Trade Mission Fund.

That was announced by Minister Ploumen (Foreign Trade and Development), Harm Kreulen (KLM), Ralph Hamers (ING Bank) and Michaël van Straalen (Dutch SME Association) during an event at Schiphol. These ten winners will receive an Orange Trade Mission Package. The package provides support in the form of full assistance for participation in official trade missions and international trade fairs.

This is the second time that ten medium-sized enterprises have received an Orange Trade Mission Package. The great value of this support was proved last year. Doing international business calls for careful preparation and perseverance. By taking specific steps, the winning businesses have efficiently made headway in new markets and now stand a good chance of international success.

Micanti BV from Amsterdam has developed a 100% environmentally friendly antifouling product. Antifouling prevents the accumulation of barnacles and mussels on ships. This innovative product can help to clean up the oceans and, above all, significantly reduce fuel consumption.

The ten SMEs were selected by the jury from a total of nearly 250 entries based on their aspirations and serious chance of success in foreign markets. The ten winners can count on a year of special attention from the initiators with the support of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. They will assist the companies in their preparations for international business, help them draw up an action plan, bring them into contact with their international network and provide support for the company’s first steps in a new market.

The Orange Trade Mission Fund is a joint initiative of ING Bank, the Dutch SME Association, KLM and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Orange Trade Mission Fund seeks to inspire and encourage medium-sized enterprises to make a success of exporting.

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Press release; Image: micanti


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