E.ON Eyes Land for Cable Route

Developer of Rampion offshore wind farm has released its plan to acquire land for the onshore cable connection.

E.ON Eyes Land for Cable Route

E.ON issued a plan whereby it will acquire agricultural land between landfall and the 400 kilovolt substation in Bolney.

Simon Birnstingl, Council chairman of Upper Beeding Parish, one of the location affected by this decision, said: “As a council we had concerns about the possible effects it might have and the disruption it may cause but as a whole, the move to sustainables is worth it.

“As long as the land is made good when the work is complete, we are quite happy with it.”

The response was positive but some said it is still too early to tell how much it will affect them.

The 700MW project, approved last month, will feature up to 175 wind turbines and will produce enough electricity to power 450,000 homes.


Offshore WIND staff, August 04, 2014; Image: e.on