Sif Scores Dudgeon Foundation Contract

The Dudgeon Wind Farm Limited has awarded the contract for the Monopile Foundation Fabrication for its Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm to Sif Group B.V.

Sif Scores Dudgeon Foundation Contract (2)
The contract covers the procurement, fabrication and assembly of 67 monopiles (MPs) and 67 transition pieces (TPs), including transportation to the Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm storage site from where the monopile foundations will be collected for installation. The monopiles will be in the range from 800 to 1200 Mt with diameters from 7.0 to 7.4 metres. The TPs will be between 350 and 400 Mt.

The contract will commence immediately, and this will lead to the start of the foundation fabrication in July 2015. The first monopile foundation is scheduled for delivery in January 2016, and start of installation is scheduled to commence between March and May 2016, and be completed by August of that year.

The investment decision for the Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm project was issued by its owners on 1st July 2014.


Press Release, July 04, 2014; Image: dudgeonoffshorewind


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