Whitby to Support Dogger Bank OWF

On Monday, Councillor Mike Cockerill confirmed to the Scarborough Borough Council that he is officially negotiating with a company operating service vessels, on the usage of the Endeavour Wharf in Whitby Harbour for the Dogger Bank offshore wind project.

Whitby to Support Dogger Bank OWF

For years, Scarborough has been seen as one of key locations to support the Dogger Bank offshore wind farm. Whitby, in particular, is the closest serviceable port to Dogger Bank and is able to offer maintenance ships 24-hour access to the North Sea.

“There is work that needs to be done at Whitby Harbour to bring our facilities up to scratch and make them fit for purpose, to take advantage of the significant benefit likely to be derived from this work,” the Whitby Gazette cited Councillor Mike Cockerill, who is in charge of harbours, assets, coast and flood protection.

Offshore WIND staff, May 15, 2014; Image: Bob Jones
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