Crown Estate Welcomes Global Energy and MORL MoU

The Crown Estate has applauded a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Global Energy and MORL that could see Nigg Energy Park supply a range of work, facilities and services for an offshore wind farm in the Moray Firth.

Crown Estate Welcomes Global Energy and MORL MoUThe announcement follows the Scottish Government’s consent of MORL’s 1,116MW project in March, which could create thousands of jobs during the construction phase and hundreds during operation. First Minister Alex Salmond visited Nigg Energy Park to announce £6.5 million from Scottish Government for the creation of more quayside facilities.

Ronnie Quinn, The Crown Estate’s lead on Energy & Infrastructure in Scotland, said: “This partnership shows the potential for Scottish offshore wind projects to fuel infrastructure development, supply chain growth and job creation.”

The Crown Estate manage leasing of the UK seabed and supports offshore wind with a £100 million investment in a range of projects and research designed to accelerate development and attract investors.

The business also provides expertise to support developers, from development and consenting through to commissioning. Staff in Edinburgh and London offices have worked closely with MORL (a joint venture between EDPR and Repsol) over a number of years.

Global Energy Group took on additional seabed and foreshore in March, following an agreement with The Crown Estate, to facilitate work at the Energy Park marine facility including research and development of a number of offshore renewable technologies.

Press Release, May 05, 2014; Image: niggyard