Dolwin Beta Entering Final Phase of Construction

The Dolwin Beta project is now entering its final phase of construction at the Drydocks World yard in Dubai, with 2.5 million man hours without lost time incidents. This outstanding HSE result has been celebrated at Aibel’s subcontractor Drydocks World.

Dolwin Beta Entering Final Phase of Construction

“Behind the result is a lot of hard work. But even though we’re excited about the good figures, it’s also important to recognize that we need to keep improving. This is why we’ll continue to have a strong focus on HSE in the final phase of the project,” said Project Director Kjetil Jacobsen.

Dolwin Beta Entering Final Phase of Construction
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Corporate management representatives from both Aibel, principal TenneT, business partner ABB and subcontractor Drydocks World were all present at the celebration, along with a large part of the employees who are currently working on the platform.

The celebration took place at the work site. It included speeches and granting of awards to employees who have done a particularly good job when it comes to HSE.

The platform will be located in the offshore wind farm area near Helgoland in the German sector of the North Sea. It will receive alternating current from wind farms, and convert it into direct current before sending it onshore via subsea cables.

Press release, April 25, 2014; Image: Aibel