Germany: Offshore Wind Important for Energy Transition

Germany Offshore Wind Important for Energy Transition

The offshore wind industry called for a reliable framework that will enable successful further development of offshore wind energy.

“Offshore wind energy is an important component of the energy transition. Therefore, the Renewable Energy Act (EEG), must offer optimal conditions for the further development of offshore wind energy,” said Joerg Kuhbier, Chairman of the Foundation Offshore Wind Energy at the Parliamentary Evening on offshore wind industry in Berlin.

Jörg Buddenberg, managing director of EWE Renewable Energy and spokesman for the AG operator, stressed the importance of offshore wind energy, saying that offshore wind produces clean energy 90 percent of the time during one year, thus securing Germany’s status as an industrial hub.

Jan Rispens pointed out the economic benefits of offshore wind for the Offshore-Wind-Industry Alliance (OWIA): “Offshore wind energy has large investments in production facilities and infrastructure along the coast but has also triggered development in Nordrhein-Westfalen ( NRW) and southern Germany. As a result, more than 10,000 highly skilled jobs have been created and many of the world’s leading innovations were developed. Some 65 % of all patents for the offshore wind industry come from Germany. When stable framework conditions become created, the nationwide profit will be able to grow to more than 20 billion euros by 2021.”

Offshore WIND staff, March 24, 2014; Image: alpha ventus