BLG: Technology Leadership trough Innovation

BLG: Technology Leadership trough Innovation

The construction of the first offshore wind farms in the German North Sea represents pioneering achievements.

In addition to a suitable port infrastructure, handling equipment, specialized ships and technical personnel, new logistics concepts were needed. The dimensions and weight of the components, as well as the large distances of the wind farms from the shore and water depths of over 40 meters presented new challenges.

According to a recent study, German offshore wind industry is a leader in the field of innovation and holds 65 percent of all patents.

BLG has developed innovative logistics solutions for the industry at early stages, which were also applied for a patent. For example, the special pontoon OFFSHORE BHV 1 was developed for the transport of heavy load components. Among other things, the pontoon has a load securing system that eliminates the need for welding work, thus contributing to cost savings and at the same time protecting the environment.

BLG also has a pending patent for the load carrier system “the Sleeper”. The Sleeper distributes the heavy loads of the offshore components effectively on the ground. This allows for flexible handling of the components while cutting costs at the same time.

BLG estimates that the offshore wind development with the innovative solutions can save up to 50 percent on costs when compared to conventional solutions.

Offshore WIND staff, March 7, 2014; Image: BLG


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