Areva, Energiekontor Plan to Test 8MW Turbine at Drochtersen, Germany

Areva, Energiekontor Plan to Test 8MW Turbine at Drochtersen

Areva Wind, the wind turbine manufacturer from Bremerhaven, has teamed up with a development company Energiekontor from Bremen to test Areva’s 8MW wind turbine in Asselermoor, Drochtersen, in Lower Saxony, according to German media.

The aim of the tests is to obtain a type certification, which is a prerequisite for serial production. The turbine is expected to go into operation in 2015.

Company representatives of Areva and Energiekontor recently submitted their plans to the Drochterser administration and political leaders, and now it is up to the political will.

The Administrative Committee will discuss the test project at a closed session today, February 19. It is expected that the Committee will pass this subject for further consideration to the responsible Technical Committee for Community Development, Environment and Tourism.

Meanwhile, the political parties have given their opinion on the project during a Council meeting. The majority party CDU (Christian Democratic Union) has unanimously rejected the massive wind project at an internal meeting. The Christian Democrats are afraid that the giant wind turbine could interfere with the development of the planned A20 motorway.

The Green Party generally supports large wind turbines, but demands the protection of residents from disturbing drop shadows and whirring. The SPD (Social Democratic Party) will wait for the beginning of political consultations next week, stating that it will retain priority over the wind-prototype local planning. The local planning committee will give its opinion on the proposed project on Monday.


Offshore WIND Staff, February 19, 2014; Image: Areva