MEC Patents Wave Catcher Barge

MEC Patents Wave Catcher Barge

Marine Energy Corporation has patented a new marine energy system called the “Wave Catcher Barge©”.

The company claims that the barge can produce energy equivalent to four largest wind turbines, currently being Vestas’ V164-8.0 MW wind turbine.

Anchored to the seabed, it generates energy by gliding the water's surface. This barge can be installed at any depth, and also combines both the wave generators and the current generator frames.

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The advantage of this system is that most of the components are located above the water, allowing easy access for regular maintenance and efficient major equipment replacement offshore.

Being a low profile structure, the barge does not make a significant visual impact, and is invisible when over 10 miles offshore.

Offshore WIND staff, February 7, 2014; Image: marineenergycorp