Two Wave Rider Buoys Deployed at Pelamis’ Scottish Site

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Two Wave Rider Buoys Deployed at Pelamis' Scottish Site

Two waverider buoys are deployed 9km off the north coast of Scotland at Farr Point to support the development of Pelamis wave power farm project.

The buoys are 0.9m in diameter, yellow and fitted with a flashing light. They are moored by a slack line and can move in a 200m radius watch circle. The buoys will be deployed for one year.

Pelamis is developing wave energy projects across the UK.

In September, the Scottish Government awarded a share of the Marine Renewables Commercialisation Fund (MRCF) to Pelamis Wave Power, to support the commercialisation of its wave energy device and parallel site development activities.

The award allowed the company to accelerate the design and deployment of an enhanced variant of the Pelamis P2 machines currently under test in Orkney, as well as supporting the development and consenting of a project site at Farr Point.


Source: KIS.ORCA, December 23, 2013; Image:


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