Germany: HUSUM Wind Presents New Concept of Traditional Trade Fair

Germany: HUSUM Wind Presents New Concept of Traditional Trade Fair

HUSUM Wind remains the unconventional meeting place for the wind industry that it has been since it was established in 1989 on the German North Sea coast literally in the middle of what is a regional wind farm. And nothing has changed, even after it was announced in April 2013 that Messe Husum & Congress was founding a new joint company for organising wind trade fairs with Hamburg Messe und Congress.

In 2014 the leading international wind trade fair will be held in Hamburg for the first time, whereas Husum will focus on being the main wind trade fair for the German-speaking world. All the same, the industry, and local businesses have been asking themselves what is left over for Husum. “We have heard a lot of such anxious questions over the last three months, and this is why we have been working intensively on our exhibition concept and seeking frank dialogue with industry experts. Now it is up to us to create transparency, because we owe it to the people of North Frisia, who to a certain degree depend on our success economically,” said Peter Becker, managing director of Messe Husum & Congress, at an information event on 15 August.

Together with its Hamburg partner, the German Wnd Energy Association and a panel of regional wind power experts HUSUM Wind substantiated the concept of a central wind trade fair for the German market. From 2015 onwards, at HUSUM Wnd around 500 international exhibitors and 15,000 trade visitors will be able to catch up with the topics, opportunities and market participants of the leading national wind market. “For years, Germany has been a stable market of interest for international wind enterprises. It is very well developed and provides orientation for other markets worldwide. We believe that a central trade fair for the German market will be a good addition on an annually rotating basis with the leading international trade fair. This will make Germany generally more attractive,” is how Henning Dettmer, managing director of the German Wnd Energy Association, gauges the international situation.

HUSUM Wnd will retain the flair for which it is famous throughout the wind industry, and continue to exploit its locational edge. Particular focus will be on practical subjects, that can be discussed and demonstrates best Here in the middle ofwind-rich North Frisia is ideal for discussing and showcasing practical aspects of the wind industry. And Husum will be affording them particular focus. The congress that has run parallel to the exhibition for years will be expanded and upgraded in 2015. A new aspect will be the choice of a partner nation, which will offer a supporting programme and showcase itself and its wind industry at a special stand as a prospective export market for the domestic wind industry.

HUSUM Wind sees itself as a platform where especially small and medium-sized enterprises feel at home. It is after all these small and medium-sized enterprises that are the backbone of German industry also in the wind sector. Stand prices will therefore be fixed at moderate rates. Stand space will be realistically limited to a maximum of 200 square metres per exhibitor so that it is products not m arketing budgets that determ ine the appeal of the stands.

“The wind industry is already reacting positively to what HUSUM Wind is offering SMEs as well as the big guns. The number of bookings and reservations have already reached three figures”, said Becker in thanks, “In the last three months we have seen how much solidarity there is with Husum as an exhibition venue not just among the North Frisians, but also the wind industry. These emotional components play a great part in making our fair what it is.”


Press release, August 16, 2013; Image: husumwind