South Korea Starts Wind Training Programme with BZEE Standard

South Korea Starts Wind Training Programme with BZEE Standard

The development of wind energy, both onshore and offshore, in South Korea is gathering pace and the demand for qualified service and maintenance personnel for wind parks is growing. With this development in mind, Husum-based BZEE signed a cooperation agreement with the vocational training college Korea Polytechnic III based in Chuncheon City in July 2013.

“Polytechnic III is now our training partner in South Korea. From autumn 2013 Korean technicians will be trained there in accordance with BZEE standards to become service technicians for wind turbines. This is an important milestone for BZEE because for the first time we’re working with a partner college in Asia,” stated Warren Aspinall, responsible for international sales at BZEE.

“We have enough engineers and scientists,” says Sun Young Kim, Project manager of Meister Akademie Korea. “We now need just as many well trained service and maintenance technicians to compliment them.”

The first two instructors from Polytechnic III will be trained this summer in Husum and from autumn 2013 they will begin teaching the service technician course in Chuncheon, South Korea.


Press release, July 5, 2013; Image: BZEE