Denmark: Sea Installer Demonstrates Complete Tower Installation

Denmark: Sea Installer Demonstrates Complete Tower Installation

Sea Installer managed to complete the installation of its 14th wind turbine in Anholt Offshore Wind Farm, wind turbine A19, on 4 April at 03:30 in the morning before heading for one of DONG Energy’s other offshore projects, West of Duddon Sands, in the Irish Sea.

Even though Sea Installer is still at commissioning, it managed to install 14 wind turbines in the approximately 40 days in which it performed in Anholt Offshore Wind Farm. At the same time, Sea Installer demonstrated that it is technically possible to optimise the wind turbine installation. Consequently, Sea Installer managed to demonstrate complete tower installation where the tower is lifted into position in one lifting operation instead of two lifting operations as up to now.

Not only does complete tower installation mean a quicker wind turbine installation; it also means a quicker commissioning of the wind turbines after installation. Normally, when installing the tower parts in two lifting operations, it takes several working days to arrange lift and cable connections between the two tower parts; this work can be moved to shore by using complete tower installation.

Sea Installer managed to install a complete wind turbine in less than seven hours.

Fully operational, Sea Installer will be able to carry eight complete wind turbines of the size used in Anholt Offshore Wind Farm.


Press release, May 3, 2013; Image: DONG Energy

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