Germany: Integrating Offshore Wind Farms in Tourism Concepts

Germany: Integrating Offshore Wind Farms in Tourism Concepts

Wind energy and tourism can benefit each other, says the German Offshore Wind Energy Foundation (Stiftung OFFSHORE-WINDENERGIE), which has published a study on this matter.

Under the title “The Impact of Offshore Wind Energy on Tourism – Good Practices and Perspectives for the South Baltic Region”, the study shows how offshore wind farms can be integrated into regional tourism concepts through practical examples from the North and Baltic Seas.

The study indicates that in the coastal regions of Denmark, Sweden, Germany and the UK wind farms have already been targeted for tourist activities on the sea. Actions range from offshore information centers and traveling exhibitions to ship trips and helicopter rides to the large offshore facilities.

The idea is that a tourist accepts offshore wind farms as a part of the tourist offer for the holidays and that local population supports them.


Offshore WIND Staff, April 19, 2013

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