UK: Improved Aquatic Training Programme will Benefit Customers

UK: Improved Aquatic Training Programme Will Benefit Customers

UK: Improved Aquatic Training Programme will Benefit Customers

Aquatic Engineering & Construction Ltd., an Acteon company, is stepping up to meet its customers’ challenges better with a fully-integrated training programme for all offshore staff. The improved programme coincides with an intensive drive to build more strategic kit during 2013 in response to customer demand and to meet the company’s ambitious targets for growth over the next three years.

Aquatic’s revitalised training programme, which is based at its newly expanded Peterhead, UK, facility, offers four different types of equipment that can simulate discrete offshore operations. A dedicated full-time training supervisor, Sandy Roberts, will lead the training. Roberts is a former Aquatic offshore supervisor with more than 15 years of operational experience. Having an experienced staff member lead this programme will ensure that new recruits and those aiming for promotion gain a broad understanding of many of the situations that arise offshore. This means that Aquatic’s customers can be assured of competent and capable teams joining their projects.

The number of Aquatic offshore employees and retained overseas contractors has grown by 30 percent in the last year, and the company expects the total to exceed 100 by the end of the year. The training programme is vital for new operators undergoing such training for the first time and for more experienced supervisors who need refresher courses. The benefits will meet and exceed customers’ expectations. In addition, the programme will enable all Aquatic offshore supervisors to expect more from their teams during day-to-day operations while affording them a greater focus on customer liaison.

UK: Improved Aquatic Training Programme will Benefit Customers

The new strategic kit Aquatic will build during 2013 to help meet its growth targets includes a fully modular carousel, the AQCS-01A-1500, which will be ready for service in Q3 2013 and is based on a concept driven and developed by the company’s in-house engineering department. In addition, there will be two 50-te tensioner systems (AQTT-10H-50 and the AQTT-10J-50) and two 500-te modular drive systems (AQPR-02M-500 and AQPR-02N-500).

Aquatic’s emphasis on competent personnel and more equipment means greater equipment availability for customers worldwide.

“The new equipment and the development of our people are great examples of just how ambitious Aquatic is for future growth,” said Aquatic president Chris Brooks. “By the end of this year, we will have invested more than any other independent supplier in designing, fabricating and building equipment in order to satisfy customers’ needs. We are recruiting high-calibre people with the right qualifications and experience, and a strong work ethic so that we have a workforce fully committed to getting the job done. When our customers partner with us, they are buying into a full-service package of equipment combined with an experienced team, which works alongside their own people to get the project completed.”

Aquatic is part of the Acteon’s wider risers, conductors and flowlines offering and joins the other Acteon companies in linking subsea services across a range of interconnected disciplines. Combining the strengths of a major global organisation with those of independent market specialists, all Acteon companies have complementary skills, experience and technologies that link seabed to surface across a range of interconnected disciplines.


Press release, April 3, 2013; Image: Aquatic