Germany: HTM Helikopter Inks 3-Year Contract for North Sea Wind Farms

HTM Helikopter Inks 3-year Contract for North Sea Wind Farms

AREVA Wind, HTM Helikopter, Global Tech I and Trianel have presented a cooperation agreement for the service of North Sea offshore wind farms at the German Wind Energy Association (BWE) conference.

The Helikopter Travel München (HTM) will provide transport to theoffshore wind turbine maker AREVA’s employees and customers, and materials for the Borkum Trianel and Global Tech I wind farms. The expansion of this strategic partnership contributes to cost reduction and ensures high technical availability of AREVA M5000 wind turbines. The agreement was concluded for an initial period of three years.

The parties agreed on a framework agreement, by which the helicopter will be used both for the logistics and maintenance of AREVA M5000 turbines.

The airfield in Emden, base airport for alpha ventus, will also be used for transportation services concerning both the Borkum Trianel and Global Tech I wind farms.

Jürgen Hepper, operations manager at Trianel Wind Farm Borkum, welcomed this agreement saying: “HTM is also part of the emergency plan for the wind farm Borkum Trianel.”

Arjen Schampers, Technical Director of Global Tech I Offshore Wind GmbH said: “We have selected HTM, a very experienced offshore helicopter supplier, for our passenger transportation. Pilots are trained especially for the wind operations.”


Press release, February 25, 2013; Image: alpha ventus


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