STX and Niels Winther Shipping Join Forces to Assist Offshore Wind Industry (Denmark)

STX and Niels Winther Shipping Join Forces to Assist Offshore Wind Industry Costs

In an attempt to assist the offshore wind industry driving down port and logistics costs, Denmark-based Niels Winther Shipping and STX France Solutions have decided to join forces. Niels Winther Shipping will market STX’s newly developed and innovative logistics simulation software tool, LOG-EOLE, in key markets together with its existing consultancy services to the offshore wind industry.

We believe that there is a considerable potential for cost reduction in the supply chain for current and future wind farms, especially given the increasing size and complexity of upcoming projects,” says Henrik Otto Jensen, Managing Director of Niels Winther Shipping and continues:

In order to reduce logistics, storage and handling costs, every step in the supply chain should be analysed, from the origin of components to the actual utilisation of the ports. As the offshore wind industry develops, tools like LOG-EOLE can contribute to optimising the supply chain and unveiling potential cost savings.”

LOG-EOLE, the new modelling tool from STX France Solutions, has been developed to simulate the increasingly complex logistics in offshore wind projects and is capable of simulating a wide range of scenarios throughout the entire supply chain. The simulation can cover the full logistics from the manufacturers of the various components up to installation on site via one or more construction ports. The tool identifies the bottlenecks and provides reports, simulated movies and charts in accordance with the inputs and requirements from the users.

By combining LOG-EOLE with Niels Winther Shipping’s practical and operational experience, as well as STX’s vast knowledge about the planning and monitoring of the complex supply chain for heavy equipment, the two companies offer a powerful tool when planning the logistics for future offshore wind projects.

We already use our operational experience to assist the industry getting the logistics and port selection right from the start. The cooperation with STX will support this work with simulation and modelling capabilities that will assist decision making already at the planning stage,” says Henrik Otto Jensen.

Niels Winther Shipping’s existing consultancy services include advice on port facilities, logistics, vessels and transportation scenarios. The company draws upon more than 10 years of experience in the offshore wind industry, where Niels Winther Shipping originally offered port and base services in relation to some of the early Danish projects. Since then port services in the UK and activities within ship owning, consultancy etc. have been added to the range of offshore wind related services. In addition to this, Niels Winther Shipping is actively involved in just-in-time logistics in the automotive industry as well as port and base services for the offshore oil & gas sector.

The consultancy services have been used by a range of the leading players in the offshore wind industry over the years, including major utilities, turbine manufacturers and ports. Most recently Niels Winther Shipping has carried out consultancy assignments in connection with UK round 2 and 3 projects as well as projects in German waters.

This important alliance with Niels Winther Shipping further expands our offshore wind business and provides clients with an opportunity to significantly reduce cost and risk. It will also supplement our offshore wind engineering and fabrication business in Saint-Nazaire, France, that has the capacity to deliver foundation jackets and offshore transformer stations,” says Frederic Grizaud, Managing Director of STX France Solutions and continues:

In addition to this, we are working on a new version of LOG-EOLE involving operational aspects of the offshore wind farm installation, such as short and medium terms planning, progress report, real time data, weather data etc.

Press Release, February 21, 2013; Image: nielswinther