Workshop on Offshore Wind Supply Chain to Take Place in Hull, UK

Workshop on Offshore Wind Supply Chain to Take Place in Hull, UK

Renewables Network Ltd & BCG Bridgepoint are running a series of workshops targeted at SME’s looking to benefit from the continued growth of the offshore wind marketplace.

The first workshop ‘Know the Market’ takes place on Wednesday 12 September at the World Trade Centre in Hull.

This workshop will not be a technical explanation of the offshore production of energy. It will be an explanation of the economics of supply chain performance required to deliver the targeted Levelised Cost of Energy (LCoE) of £100/MWh. This single target figure will drive the whole supply chain up to 2020, the date set for its achievement.

Whether someone wishes to supply aluminium ladders to go up the inside of turbine towers, or cladding to extend the factory of the aluminium ladder maker, the requirement will be to contribute to achieving the LCoE target.

The benefit of this workshop will be the understanding of:

  • the drivers of supply chain demand
  • the evaluation of prospective entrants to the supply chain, and
  • the opportunities to create success.

This supply chain is already an international network, and the is a competition with, or working with companies from overseas. A number of businesses in the Humber have already forged links with overseas companies to improve their chances of success (some of them with the help of Renewables Network Ltd).


Offshore WIND staff, August 31, 2012; Image: Energi Coast

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