UK: APEM Moves into New Offices

UK: APEM Moves into New Offices

APEM staff based at Hawarden Airport near Chester have moved into new offices following two years of spectacular growth.

Originally housed in portakabin-style temporary buildings, the staff have moved to a larger, better equipped facility that offers room for continued growth, improved IT and better working conditions.

The Hawarden Airport office is now home to around half the company’s 40 aerial survey staff, including pilots, data technicians, survey analysts and support staff. Additional aerial survey staff are based in the company’s six other offices in England, Scotland and Wales.

Recording triple digit growth during 2010 and 2011, aerial surveys now account for around half the company’s revenue, despite the economic downturn leading to a contraction of the environmental consulting industry as a whole. The division is expected to continue growing at around 30% per year to 2014.

It is already a dominant force in the world of environmental surveys for the energy industries, such as offshore wind, wave and tidal, as well as oil and gas. APEM is also well placed to service industries that require onshore surveys involving river catchments, pipeline observation, reservoirs and industrial or domestic premises.

APEM also runs its own self-funded R&D program, working on new developments at the cutting edge of science.

With the recent arrival of a third Vulcanair P68, APEM’s fleet has now grown to five aircraft, a far cry from its humble beginnings in 2006.

Dr Chris Ashcroft, head of the Chester office, says: “The company’s first aircraft was based at Liverpool Airport, then expansion hit strongly and in 2008 the first of the company’s twin engine aircraft was purchased.

“By 2011 the fleet had grown to three aircraft and the growing need for more hangar and office space prompted our move to Hawarden Airport, giving us the opportunity to develop in the Aviation Business Park.

“Now we have just taken delivery of our fifth aircraft and the new office is far more appropriate for our needs. With new offices and new techniques on hand, we’re looking forward to further strong growth.” 


Offshore WIND staff, July 24, 2012; Image: APEM

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