South Korea: Jeju Island to Install 2 GW of Offshore Wind Power

South Korean Jeju Province plans to get 2 GW of offshore wind power, 300 MW of land wind power and 100 MW of solar power, reported the Arirang.

The resort island’s goal is to stop using fossil fuels and use renewable energy sources, thus supplying all its energy needs by 2030. Renewable energies at this time make up about 5 percent of the total electricity supply on the island.

Jeju Province is currently piloting the use of smart grid technology, and although the technology is being tested at some apartment complexes now, the Province hopes to gradually raise its use of the technology.

“All these efforts to make Jeju a carbon-free island will expand profits from tourism and create more jobs to the benefit of all residents,” said Lee Ji-hoon, Smart Grid Distributor.

The provincial government has chosen Gapa Island for a pilot program. Based on the programall vehicles will be replaced with electric ones which will be powered by wind and solar generated electricity. Across the island, 225,000 charging stations will be placed.


Offshore WIND staff, May 8, 2012