UK: Forewind Announces Community Consultation for Dogger Bank Teesside

Forewind Announces Community Consultation for Dogger Bank Teesside

Forewind, development partner for the Dogger Bank Zone, potentially the world’s largest wind energy project, announces its first community consultation events in relation to its second stage of development: Dogger Bank Teesside.

Dogger Bank Teesside is planned to comprise up to four offshore wind farm projects located at least 156 kilometres off the Teesside coast and with a total generating capacity of up to 4.8GW.

The three consultation events will present proposals for the development, which could potentially generate almost 17 Terawatt hours (TWh) of green power every year, equivalent to the electricity used annually by approximately 3.6 million British homes.

This series of events is the first in relation to Dogger Bank Teesside and will be held at locations near the proposed landfall locations and onshore cable routes. They are part of a wider consultation process Forewind will undertake with all stakeholders including statutory bodies, landowners and local authorities in accordance with sections 42 and 47 of The Planning Act 2008.

The local community is encouraged to attend at least one of the events to view the proposals, speak to members of the Forewind team and submit feedback.

A Statement of Community Consultation with additional details about the full consultation process for Dogger Bank Teesside has been published on Forewind’s website and is available for viewing at local public libraries and council offices.


Offshore WIND staff, May 08, 2012; Image: forewind