Samsung Might Increase Its Presence in Scotland

Samsung Might Increase Its Presence in Scotland

Korean engineering giant, Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) after deciding to base its first offshore wind project at Methil in Fife, might increase its presence in Europe if it decides to open a research and development centre in Glasgow, The Herald Scotland informed.

Namely, SHI confirmed to Nick Clegg that it was “actively considering” this step, which would pave the way for new employment in Scotland. In a time when all aspects of economy are a bit sluggish in Scotland, renewable energy sector seems to be pushing forward.

It appears that Mr Clegg’s visit to South Korea, where he met with SHI President Insik Roh, bore fruit. Namely, Mr Clegg by reassuring Roh of 100% support from the UK and Scottish Government to production of renewable energy could attract new Korean investments.

“Mr Clegg was determined to send a message to Samsung and other Korean companies that renewable energy development has 100% support from the UK Government and that Scotland, with its high winds and shallows seas, is ideal for developing offshore projects,“ senior LibDem source told The Herald.

Korean giant Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) announced in January that it was planning to base its first European offshore wind project in Methil, a project worth up to £100 million, which will create more than 500 new jobs in Scotland.


Offshore WIND staff, April 02, 2012; Image: scottish-enterprise