Emu Attends IFREMER Symposium (France)

Emu Attends IFREMER Symposium (France)

IFREMER symposium on the Vulnerability of coastal ecosystems to global change and extreme events, Biarritz, October 2011

Joni Backstrom, Dafydd Lloyd-Jones, Paul English and Nigel Thomas: Regional Environmental Assessment of Potential Impacts on Benthic Ecology from Cumulative Marine Aggregate Dredging, South Coast, UK

The presentation outlined the process behind the REA, in particular, highlighting how a matrix-based approach was used to assess the direct effects from seabed removal and indirect effects from the suspended plume on benthic ecology.

Recommendations were made for how the process could be adapted to inform the consenting process for offshore wind farms.


Offshore WIND staff, December 07, 2011; Image: emulimited