Gamesa Says Game Over to Dundee (UK)

Gamesa Says Game Over to Dundee (UK)

Gamesa announced on Friday that it has ruled out Dundee from its potential UK hub list.

They said that Dundee can’t help them in achieving plan to manufacture G11X-5.0 MW and G14X-7.0 MW offshore wind turbines.

Leith, proposed by Forth Ports, entered the race for UK hub.

The Spanish wind turbine developer is now considering Hartlepool and Leith to establish offshore wind technology centre.

In October 2010 Gamesa announced plans to base the worldwide centre of its offshore business in the UK, investing up to 150 million euros through 2014

Gamesa forecasted the direct creation of more than 1,000 jobs, with another 800 jobs generated indirectly at local supplier firms.


Offshore WIND staff, December 06, 2011; Image: forthports