Passenger Vessels and Yachts to Use Voith Thrusters (Germany)

Passenger Vessels and Yachts to Use Voith Thrusters (Germany)

Voith currently is the only manufacturer world-wide to produce thrusters with a power of 1 500 kW based on permanent magnet synchronous machine technology (RIM drives). Recent orders for offshore applications, passenger vessels and yachts underline Voith’s position as global market leader for these systems.

With an inner propeller diameter of 2 300 mm, the Voith Inline Thruster (VIT) currently is the most powerful Inline Thruster and will be used in an offshore wind farm jackup vessel.

Under construction at the Chinese shipbuilder Cosco Shipyard and owned by the Danish company A2SEA, the vessel will be equipped with a VIT as well as with three Voith Schneider Propellers (VSP). The launch of the vessel is scheduled for early 2012.

The principle of a thruster with a permanently excited electric motor housed in the hollow shaft and no maintenance requirements owing to sea water-lubricated bearings has proven its worth. Since the start of series production in 2008, Voith has sold more than 55 units, most of which are already in service. Voith Inline Thrusters and Voith Inline Propulsors (VIP) are so-called RIM drives. This drive technology combines electrical, mechanical and hydrodynamic elements to obtain low vibrations, extreme smoothness of running and compact dimensions.

The Swing-Out Azimuth stern thrusters are a particular type of Voith Inline Propulsors which can be extended from the vessel hull and can be rotated through 360° without limitation. These characteristics as well as the advantages of this propulsion concept for dynamic positioning are particularly in demand for yachts and offshore applications.

Voith Turbo, the specialist for hydrodynamic drive, coupling and braking systems for road, rail and industrial applications, as well as for ship propulsion systems, is a Group Division of Voith GmbH.

Voith sets standards in the markets energy, oil & gas, paper, raw materials and transportation & automotive. Founded in 1867, Voith employs almost 40 000 people, generates €5.2 billion in sales, operates in about 50 countries around the world and is today one of the biggest family-owned companies in Europe.


Offshore WIND staff, November 17, 2011