Roofing Ceremony of Operation and Maintenance Building (Denmark)

Roofing Ceremony of Operation and Maintenance Building (Denmark)

The establishment of the future operation and maintenance facilities has now come so far that flag and garland could be hoisted on the communication tower to mark the roofing ceremony.

Approx 30 workmen, representatives from the harbour, consultants and DONG Energy’s project group were present.

Thomas Hermansen, Onshore Manager, and Flemming Thomsen, Project Director, gave speeches at the roofing ceremony, and they both praised the workmen for the construction progress and looked forward to taking over the buildings in spring 2012. Klaus Allerman, who is a co-owner of Aalsrode Tømrerfirma and responsible for the construction works, was very satisfied that DONG Energy had chosen a local main contractor and thus ensured work in the local area.

Roofing Ceremony of Operation and Maintenance Building (Denmark) After the cheers to the buildings, the local hot-dog stand was opened in the future storage building.

Besides flag and garland (for the roofing event), the communication tower has been equipped with the antenna tower which must secure the communication with the working area and the offshore wind farm. The work on installing switchboards and cables and making the office ready for the marine coordinator is in full swing, so this part will be ready at the beginning of December 2011.


Source: dongenergy, November 02, 2011